The rug started life as a sleeping mat.
It was created to provide humans with warmth, protection, rest,
a shroud for the dead, a bundle in which to carry tools.
For those who wandered for years,
following their flocks and herds,
the rug was a singular comfort:
a better bed than the cold ground
or the rough hides of animals.



Joseph's Oriental Rug Import is recognized nationwide as having one of the most complete collections of Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental rugs. We take great pride and make extensive efforts to make sure our collection always stays replenished. Our single most important source for good Antique and Semi-Antique oriental rugs is you. We would be interested in purchasing good estate rugs from you as long as the rug dates prior to World War II.

In Store Consignment

Often times a person has an Oriental rug that has fallen out of style or is now too large for a downsized move. What to do? Call or contact Joseph's and inquire about consignment. At any given time, we have upward of 100 consigned rugs in inventory. Consignment involves leaving your rug in our inventory for sale. A selling price is decided upon by Michael Joseph and the owner of the rug. Joseph's Oriental Rug Imports charges a 20% commission for this service.

Web Consignment

If we deem a rug not to be a good in store consignment candidate, we are now offering a new service to aid you. For a one time charge of $100 per rug, we will attach photographs to our website with pricing. Web consignments still include a charge of 20% commission; however, if a consignment is sold the $100 listing will be rebated. A listing will be valid for 6 months.
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